As part of a standard procedure for assembling subsea power hoses for a client, part of this process entailed prepping the insulation of each of 3 quad-core power cables (either end of the hose) to an elongated chamfer, which was currently performed by manually rubbing down the insulation by hand until the correct profile was reached, for this than to allow each cable to be terminated into the power connector for that end of the hose. This process was typically taking 1 hour per cable end, therefore 6 hours of labour for every hose that was assembled.

Seeking to improve efficiency and delivery times, Forth designed a handheld three-part tool which comprised of a squared drive end which conveniently fits into a standard battery drill chuck, a front end which guides and support the cable into the tool and a central cartridge encapsulated in between the two ends which contains a tapered chamfering insert at the exact profile the prepped cable ends are required to be. With the 2 ends being machined from Aluminium and the centre cartridge being a 3D printed consumable, good for chamfering at least 3 ends before been spent.
Once manufactured the tool provided instant results, reducing the prep time for one cable end, from 1 hour to 15 minutes. Saving a total of 4.5 hours of labour for every hose assembled, whilst also providing a much greater uniformed & quality chamfer than was previously being achieved whilst prepping by hand.
Upon the success of the quad-core tool and Forth beginning to work on further product lines for the same client, Forth then saw that the principle of the new tool could also be applied to a (type of cable used for drymates), whilst also being able to utilise the same main Aluminium ends from the original tool and just designed a new insert,  which incorporated the different taper profile required of the new product.
Seeing the effect of the 2 tools developed, the client then approached Forth regarding a much larger crossover cable, which again had the same laborious hand prepping process for its cable ends. 
Forth simply scaled up the core design of the tool ends to cater for a size increase with a new larger chamfering insert, which once manufactured and applied had an immediate impact on time and quality of the chamfering process for the client.

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