The Oil & Gas Industry has continuously developed with new & Improved existing technology which has helped it to produce oil and gas more efficiently and sustainably. This development has created a demand in the market for innovative and efficient ways to support lifetime extension programs of existing assets and infrastructure. One key area of this “late-life”  inspections. By its own nature, this brings Access issues and Risk to gather information from those Remote and Restricted Areas. 


We are an innovation-focused company that prides itself on delivering remotely operated/deployed inspection solutions to meet the clients needs. With over 100 years of collective Offshore experience, meeting and managing challenges in every aspect of an asset inspection both On and Offshore. Dedicated on producing accurate and repeatable inspection results, forming good working relationships with Client Teams to deliver tailored solutions, via capable, experienced management, engineering and inspection technicians, for a multitude and diverse range of project challenges.


  1. ATEX Zone 1 Rating HD Camera System, a 1080p (Capture & Stream), 3x Digital Zoom, Integrated LED Illumination, Thermal Imaging, Class 1 Laser Pointer, Live collaboration software, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Data  Encryption, ATEX 1 Zone rated feedback device. ( ii 2G EX in op is IIC T4 Gb IP64 / II 2D EX in op is IIICT135°C Db IP64).

  2. No Scaffolding Requirement.

  3. No Specialist Rope Access Teams.

  4. Operated from a safe location, long reach, replaces the need for scaffolding.

  5. Designed to be mobilised within small transit cases, deployment accessories to meet your challenges. 

  6. Adaptable to a variety of tooling/deployment to suit various inaccessible locations.

  7. Instant Data Feedback

    1. Allow On/Off-Site Integration.

    2. Real-Time Feedback (to TA's/Integrity Team/Office/Control Room).

    3. Live streaming from a Remote/Restricted site to Office locations.

    4. Reduced Permitry.

    5. Allowing access into Remote/ Restricted Areas.

    6. Risk Reduction (Can be modified or made autonomous for a greater range of work scopes).

  8. Maintain a consistent survey & inspection service, crucial to preventing unplanned downtime and disruption. 

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